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Kokopelli's Song

By Suzanne J Bratcher


Can a trio of teens keep ancient evil from tipping the universe into chaos?

When seventeen-year-old Amy Adams finds her father’s family and a lost twin brother on the Hopi Reservation, she stumbles into a struggle between shamans and witches that spans a thousand years. After Mahu is attacked and a Conquistador’s journal stolen, Amy and her new friend Diego set out on a dangerous quest to find and perform the ceremony that can stop ancient evil from entering our world.

But Amy and Diego are not alone as they race against time measured by a waxing moon. Kokopelli’s song, the haunting notes or a red cedar flute guide them along the migration route sacred to pueblo peoples: West to Old Oraibi, South to El Morro, East to Cochiti Pueblo, North to Chimney Rock, and last to the Center—and the final confrontation—in Chaco Canyon.

Book Takeaway:

Discovering who you are can turn your world upside down.

Why the author wrote this book:

When I first visited Chaco Canyon National Historical Park, the ruins sent my imagination into overdrive. In the same way the little flute player figure we call Kokopelli has always caught my attention. As I researched the ancient Chaco culture, Kokopelli played his flute in my imagination. This fantasy is the result.


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