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Hog Insane

By Carole Brown


The Davis couple load up their RV and eagerly head for the Smokey Mountains, with the Mountain Mist Campground at Pigeon Forge as their final destination. Newly retired, Denton hopes to use this trip to rekindle the dwindling flame of his marriage. In spite of her protests, he is sure his wife looks forward to the rest and relaxation as much as he does.

They barely arrive at their destination when a risk-taking motorcyclist speeds past them, followed by a careening sports car. Denton remembers the fatal tangle of his nephew ten years earlier ... with the bike Denton taught him to ride.

Things continue to go south the rest of the evening, culminating in Denton finding a body sprawled in the brush beside the path to their cabin, the man's booted feet toe down, as if they had dug into the ground. The biker gloves on his hands indicate Denton may have seen him earlier in the day. Denton squats and presses two fingers alongside the neck of the victim. No pulse. Just as he expects.

The bullet hole in the victim’s head says it all. Denton has a job to do and a mystery to solve.

Book Takeaway:


Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to deal with relationships with a couple who were married but having different opinions about their life, starting out on an early retirement journey, but faced with a mystery that inspired both of them to dive into it wholeheartedly.


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