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The Perfect Blend

By Trish Perry


Steph Vandergrift left everything to elope with Middleburg attorney Rick Manfred, who then stood her up at the altar. Too embarrassed to return home, Steph hopes to earn enough to get by until she can decide what to do next. Tea Shop owner Milly Jewel hires her and appreciates the extra help at the tea shop.

Also appreciative of Steph is Kendall James, one of the kindest, most eligible bachelors in the area. But by the time Steph feels able to consider dating again, her run-away fiancé returns and tries to win her back. Steph is wary, but she and Rick always blended so well.

Christie Burnham, the frank-talking equestrian from whom Steph rents a room, and her frillier sister Liz become fast friends and confidantes to Steph. Between the two sisters, there isn't much any man is going to pull over on Middleburg's newest bachelorette and tea shop employee.

Book Takeaway:

Sometimes we're not aware of how much importance we place on the acceptance of others. We allow our need for acceptance to color our judgment about ourselves and about others, and we let that need affect many of our personal decisions. Life is clearer when we focus on the acceptance of the One who created us in the first place. The One who died for us.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to introduce the charming town of Middleburg to readers, and to allow my readers to explore new beginnings through my main character. She has just taken an ill-advised leap of faith (faith in a very faulty fiance) and now has much to discover about her new environment, about trust, about people, about love, and about herself. I wrote the book to entertain and to draw readers into this world and this character's growth.


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