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Brigid of Ireland

By Cindy Thomson


In 5th-century pagan-dominated Ireland, Brigid is born a slave to her own father and is separated from her mother. Desperately seeking love and acceptance, Brigid becomes a believer in Christ. Knowing how the Irish people cling to superstitions and fears, can Brigid overcome them? Will her hatred for her father and a scheming evil sorcerer destroy her faith? Set in the era of St. Patrick, this fantasy-filled novel will captivate readers as Brigid must choose between God’s will and the desire to save her family.

Book Takeaway:

The meaning of family, the value of spiritual gifts, counts for nothing without God.

Why the author wrote this book:

I'm keenly interested in the early Christian period of Ireland. When I discovered Brigid, one of three patron saints of Ireland, I was enthralled by the legends. How did she get to be so generous? How did she overcome being born a slave? What was it like to be separated from her mother by own father's doing? What was it like to a Christian minority in that era? I'm still learning about the Celtic Christians and writing about the stories they left for us is my passion.


"I learned that no matter who you are-Family, heritage and God are all that matter. No matter how you are raised-you always have a Heavenly Father."
- Berni on February 09, 2011

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