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A Bitter Brew

By Elizabeth Ludwig


The cousins are thrilled when Jan is invited to compete in a baking contest called the Summer Baking Challenge. Not only is the invitation to compete an honor, it will bring national recognition to their little town, since the contest is televised every year. Things get even more exciting when the producer of the show asks if they can use the tearoom as the backdrop for this year’s contest. Things go awry, however, when the trophy—a chest stuffed with $50,000.00 in prize money—disappears from under their noses. Worse, Jan and Elaine find themselves as the prime suspects when information is leaked that the cousins have landed in a bit of a financial crisis after a bad storm leaves the tearoom roof in need of repair. Determined to clear their name, the cousins set out to uncover the real culprit, only to have Elaine brought in for questioning after the chest is discovered in her car with the prize money gone. Certain they are being framed, the cousins seek out clues that will lead them to the thief. Can they do it before the contest ends, or will they fall faster than Jan’s award-winning souffle?


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