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Caffeinated Murder

By Lynne Waite Chapman


Caffeinated Murder is the fourth installment of the Evelynton Murder Series, featuring fast moving adventure, good friends, coffee, and a touch of quirky humor. Freelance writer and part-time hair salon receptionist, Lauren Halloren faces yet another murder investigation where she must face off with the local police department.
It’s festival season in small town Indiana. The merchants of Evelynton are invested in making the town’s Marshmallow Festival a success. The one exception may be the local cleaning lady who thinks there are enough trouble makers in town already. Why invite outsiders in? She could be right.
The festival planning committee has things in hand until the festivities are threatened when a murder victim is discovered in the dumpster outside their favorite coffee shop.
Local authorities are quick to produce a list of likely suspects. The problem arises when their suspicious characters are all well-known citizens. As the police set out to prove their case, it’s up to Lauren to protect the innocent and find the true culprit. But as her investigation continues, even Lauren begins to doubt the word of her friends.

Book Takeaway:

Friends need each other. Not everyone is as they seem. It's always good to have a friend to remind you of biblical values.

Why the author wrote this book:

Mystery lovers need books to engage their interest without all the X and R rated themes.


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