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Love Letters

By Annette M. Irby


Jordan Ambrose is looking for passion. From her husband. And, as Randy Ambrose will tell you—she’s great at pushing his buttons. The problem? He’s hiding out from any intense emotions. So their love life is lackluster. Well, except for those letters.

Jordan discovered a box of love letters in her husband’s home office closet. Why doesn’t he act like the “R” from the letters, so clearly written to “J”? If she can drag him away from his writing desk, they can talk about it. But will Randy stop hiding and love with abandon?

Book Takeaway:

If you've struggled with miscommunication in your own marriage, you are not alone. I've found that even women from other cultures share in the heartache portrayed in this story. There's hope for restoration. Also, if you're looking for passion, you'll find it tastefully addressed here.

Why the author wrote this book:

Inspired by reading novellas one Christmas, I sat down with a story in mind. But my novella includes a twist--rather than singles falling in love, I have a married couple romance where the characters' relationship is healed through communication. Including a married couple allowed me to address issues of passion in a wholesome but real way.


"With easy prose, natural dialogue and a plot certain to resonate with romance lovers married or not, Love Letters is a poignant glimpse at a marriage rekindled and hearts restored. A beautiful story!"
- Julie on November 11, 2009

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