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Pride and Pettiness

By Elizabeth Ludwig


Mary is excited be going out on a date with the handsome and fun-loving baseball coach at the local high school, so when he invites her on a "mystery" date, she thinks it's a perfect time for a new haircut and color. Things go terribly awry, however, when she goes to old friend and hairdresser, Paige Schiller, and winds up with blue hair. Paige is mortified by the fiasco and has no explanation, but Mary thinks she might when she finds the label switched on a bottle of hair color. Paige isn't convinced and calls it an unhappy accident, but when another customer falls prey to faulty clippers, and Paige finds a pair of antique scissors she purchased from Mary's store jammed into a desk drawer, she wonders if her friend's suspicions are correct. The final straw comes when a bad perm leaves an unhappy customer with damaged hair and a bad temper. Concerned that someone might be trying to force her friend out of business, Mary sets out to track down the culprit and bring them to justice. The clues may be cut and dry, but the case is anything but in this hairy caper.


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