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The Scholar's Quest: Book One, The Way

By Brad Rucker


A New Type of Christian Fiction - one designed to teach the basics of the Bible.

The Scholar's Quest is a Christian Fiction series set in Errat, a land where the Word of God is no longer available. The books of what we know as the Bible have been destroyed, forgotten or hidden - and dark forces work to keep them that way.

Follow a group of adventurers, each with their own skills and problems, as they rediscover, reunite and study the Scriptures. Learn the basic tenets of the Bible during a rollicking adventure across a world that has tried its best to forget and bury God.

Book Takeaway:

Never take God's Word for granted.

Why the author wrote this book:

Many Christians today rely on others to study the Bible for them. I wanted to create a way to teach the basics of the Bible - structure, chronology, themes, etc in a way that would be easy to read and absorb.


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