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Son of Mary

By R. S. Ingermanson


Nazareth has been cruel to my mother. The village says my blood father is not the man who married my mother. They have shamed her on the matter all my life. My mother bears her shame in silence.

When I was a babe in arms, some prophet said I will redeem Israel someday. I do not know how to redeem Israel. The scriptures do not explain the matter. My people say the man who redeems Israel must take up the sword and throw off our enemy, Rome.

There is a new prophet who immerses for repentance at the river Jordan. I went to ask the prophet how I should redeem Israel. He said I am to smite the four Powers. He said HaShem will reveal to me what are the four Powers.

But if I redeem Israel, I must leave my mother to the scorn of the village. My mother begs and cries on me to make a justice for her. To make a justice on the village. HaShem must show me how.

Here is my vow: I will make a justice on my mother and smite the first Power. Or I will die trying.


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