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A Wing and a Prayer

By Julie Lessman


She’s dead-set on giving everything to the war overseas …
Even if it means losing everything in a war of the heart.

A street orphan abused and abandoned by an alcoholic father at age five, Gabriella (Gabe) O’Connor has never let a man stand in her way yet. So when a handsome flight officer thwarts her plans to become a WASP -- Women Air Force Service Pilot -- she’s determined to join the war effort anyway she can. Her chance comes when she “borrows” foreign correspondent credentials from the Boston Herald—where her father is the editor—to stow away on a medical ship to the front.

Lieutenant Alex Kincaid pegs Gabe O’Connor as trouble the moment she steps foot on Avenger Field as a WASP cadet. As the eldest brother of a boy whose jaw Gabe broke in grade school, Alex is familiar with her reputation as both a charismatic ringleader and a headstrong hooligan who’s challenged every male and nun from grade school to college. As her WASP flight instructor, Alex eventually expels Gabe when she pulls a dangerous stunt. But when he is an evacuation pilot in France eight months later, their lives intertwine once again, exposing them to a danger as perilous as the German tanks roaming the Reichswald Forest: a love that neither expects.

Book Takeaway:

Trust in God is the key to trusting one's self and others, and the true love we all crave only thrives in the soil of trust.


Year Title Description
2008 A Passion Most Pure ACFW Debut Book of the Year

Why the author wrote this book:

Because I love my O'Connor Family saga (The Daughters of Boston and Winds of Change Series) SO much, I love reconnecting with them through new novels. And since there are over 24 grandchildren in the family now, I hope to write novels about many of them. The heroine in this book, Gabe O'Connor, was an abused orphan, so it was a real challenge to teach Gabe about trust, which can only truly be accomplished through trust in God.


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