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The Society of Second Chances

By Deborah Raney


Welcome to Hope Valley, Kentucky where a mysterious—and apparently very wealthy benefactor—has called together four women with extraordinary big hearts to be the covert team of angels in this tiny town. Helen Janway, Rachel Hooper, Jennifer Stanton, and Evelyn Richmond receive an invitation and a check for a large sum to cover expenses and a request to set off on a secret mission to bless a young woman in need of God’s love, grace, and mercy. The society’s first is a real challenge, as they try to uncover a way to help Harmoni Branaham—a young woman just released from prison. While the women discuss how to earn Harmoni’s trust and help her find her true purpose in life, Rachel worries that her newfound friends may uncover her darkest secret. Come along on this inspiring journey and discover why a second chance often works out better than the first.


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