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The Red Journal

By Deb Elkink


Flirty globetrotter Sybil badgers her friend Libby to travel along in seeking out the world’s “sacred places”—a monastery in Japan, a mountaintop in Africa, a mosque in Istanbul. Her footloose wandering far from family values costs her more than money.

But Libby can’t afford to travel, and she’s plagued by a different kind of restlessness. Grieving the recent death of the grandmother who raised her in their inner-city Minneapolis tenement now slated for demolition, Libby faces homelessness in both heart and habitation.

When Libby discovers a cryptic message from beyond the grave and an antique ring pointing to a mystery in an inner room of a mansion museum in North Dakota, she sets out on a quest of her own for the meaning of heritage and home.

Book Takeaway:

Everyone is looking for inner peace—a place of rest for the soul—found only in a familial relationship with God through Jesus Christ by way of the Bible.

Why the author wrote this book:

MY PURPOSE IN WRITING THIS NOVEL (full of veiled references to the Tabernacle) was to entertain fiction readers into spiritual curiosity, sending them back to the Bible to find out about Sabbath rest awaiting them in Christ (Heb. 4:1, 16; 7:19; 9:14-15).


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