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Gift of Wonder

By Lenora Worth


Alice Bryson is left standing at the altar after she discovers her groom is a con man. When yet another handsome man shows up to help rebuild her beloved Bayou Rosette after the devastation of hurricanes, Alice doesn't trust him at all. But Jonah Sheridan wants to not only rebuild the community. He wants to find the missing link to his own roots. Jonah risk everything as he opens up his past to Alice, but the noisy reporter takes things a bit too far when she finds out the truth that will shatter not only Jonah but thier newfound love, too.

Book Takeaway:

That God's love is the true gift of wonder and that strong family ties can heal old wounds and allow us to enjoy that gift.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to show that no matter where we come from, it's where we go in our journey with God that will bring us love, comfort and redemption.


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