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Spring Splash

By Denise Weimer


When an injury sidelines college swimmer Anna Callaway, her dreams are crushed. She pours herself into her sports marketing practicum, helping a local special needs organization promote their athletic event. What she doesn't expect is a swim team ripe for the Special Olympics--and their handsome but stubborn coach.

Craig Holt has dealt with eager and ignorant volunteers before. No matter how determined or persuasive uptight Anna might be about coaching his team to the Special Olympics, he has no intention of allowing her to raise the hopes of his swimmers, his sister, or his guarded heart.

Then Anna herself gets a second chance at becoming a champion. Will she pursue her lifelong goals or make room for a new dream?

Book Takeaway:

The heart of a champion may surprise you.

Why the author wrote this book:

Inspired by over 15 years as a swim mom and a local special needs organization. Includes all the heartache, comebacks, and warm-fuzzy, root-for-the-underdog moments we love in sports fiction.


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