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The Vault Between Spaces

By Chawna Schroeder


Every legend must start somewhere...

No prisoner who enters the gates of HopeWell ever leaves. But from the moment Oriel sets foot inside Anatroshka's most formidable prison camp, she unsettles both commandant and prisoner alike with eyes that see beyond the surface and music that trails her everywhere.

Petite and delicate though she appears, Oriel bows before neither threat nor punishment. Moreover, she makes no attempt to hide her intention: Oriel plans to escape the inescapable HopeWell.

But when facades are stripped away and myth becomes clothed in flesh, what begins as a prison break becomes a mission to stop the invasion of evil itself.

Book Takeaway:

As Christians, we easily become caught up in the desire to do BIG things for God. So we work and strive and labor and work some more—only to become exhausted without obtaining the results we earnestly seek. We give everything we have and more, and for what? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Our best isn’t good enough, and we have failed God.
We become discouraged. We become disillusioned. Oh, we might not walk away from God. We still acknowledge He’s there and He’s God…but we drift. We no longer strive or labor, only putting in minimal effort to fulfill what is required of us. We develop a mask of cynicism under which to hide our shame of failure. So we don’t curse God. We just forget Him.
Enter Oriel and Gareth from Vault. They understand what it means to labor for God and fail. And so through their journey, we learn that God holds the results in His hands and He can easily accomplish whatever He wants without the least bit of help from us. Rather, He desires us to walk with Him and abide in Him, doing whatever task He has given us in His strength and power through His Spirit, leaving the results to Him.

Why the author wrote this book:

To explore disillusionment with God, especially when things don’t turn out the way expected.


"Mysterious, often murderous, but exciting examination of supernatural forces in spiritual warfare in a prison labor camp. Oriel & Gareth are unforgettable!"
- Mel on February 25, 2020

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