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The Edge of Everywhen

By A. S. Mackey


Tragedy is sometimes followed by mystery. At least that’s what faces 13-year-old Piper and her autistic brother, Phoenix. Mourning the loss of their parents, they must move a thousand miles away to live with their insufferable Aunt Beryl. But it is in their aunt’s cavernous library that Piper and Phoenix hear a mysterious book calling to them. Its name is Novus Fabula, and its story will change their lives forever.

“What’s that you say? Books cannot speak? On the contrary, Dear Reader. Quite the contrary. Books are one of the few things on this earth that truly speak. Let me show you.”

Join Piper and Phoenix in the Verboten Library as they begin an intriguing journey of grief, wonder, and the search for Truth. If you stand with them at the edge of Everywhen, you just might discover the story you need to hear as well.

Book Takeaway:

"The Edge of Everywhen" is a celebration of faith and family during times of adversity. Perfect for bibliophiles of all ages, it reminds us that though we don't always know the answers to life's hard questions, God is always present.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to bridge the gap between Biblically solid classical kid-lit parents want their kids to read and the modern magic-focused popular books that kids seek out. There's a gap on the bookshelf between Laura Ingalls and Harry Potter, and I hope to fill that gap with books just like this one. I also love to celebrate children's literature in all its forms, and this book does exactly that.


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