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By Janalyn Voigt


After learning a disturbing secret, Mara runs to Torindan, the High Hold of Faeraven, to seek the truth. What the innkeeper's daughter doesn't know is that Rand, the mysterious tracker guiding her through the wilderness, is also on an errand -- one that puts her life at risk.

With Faeraven on the brink of war, Rand faces a life-altering choice; Mara is torn between escape and loyalty; and the future hangs in the balance. Will Mara choose duty over freedom? Can Rand escape the terrors of the dungeon? As Torindan and Pilaer prepare for battle, the fate of nations depends on their decisions.

For those who enjoy the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Marian Zimmer Bradley, Sojourner carries the reader on a medieval epic fantasy adventure.

Escape into a breathtaking fantasy world only seen in dreams.

Book Takeaway:

Sojourner challenges the reader to redefine the concept of winning. Brute force accomplishes less than surrender to God.

Why the author wrote this book:

This book, like the others in the Tales of Faeraven medieval epic fantasy series explores the struggle between light and darkness. It is a story from the heart that showcases the victory of God's love over evil. I wrote it to glorify my Savior.


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