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Island of Last Resorts

By Mary Ellis


As a special bonus, Nate Price and his PIs are treated to a week-long vacation, including Kate and her amateur sleuth fiancé, Eric. But instead of finding lovely beaches and championship golf courses, the PI team arrives at the private island of a reclusive billionaire. In return for their luxury accommodations, they must solve a cold-case murder from years ago. What the Price team assumes will be a harmless parlor game turns deadly when another guest turns up dead. Eight years ago, the billionaire was a victim of a cruel home invasion which left his wife dead. Although police had arrested two well-known felons, one suspect died suspiciously in lockup and the other was released, thanks to the mishandling of evidence. The billionaire never accepted the police’s conclusion of a random break-in. Now facing a terminal illness, the billionaire wants revenge before he dies. So in addition to the team of investigators, he’s also invited those he holds responsible—the detective who botched his wife’s case, the ADA who mishandled evidence, the Atlanta newspaperman who sensationalized the story, and the thug set free on a technicality. He will kill them one by one, then start on the investigators until his wife’s murder is solved. Cut off from the outside world, can Kate and Eric unlock the clues in time before a rich madman with a high-powered rifle picks them off?

Book Takeaway:

Few things in life are ever what they appear to be.

Why the author wrote this book:

To bring closure to my characters lives in this series.


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