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Fatal Illusions

By Adam Blumer


Gillian Thayer’s calligraphy business helps to keep her mind off two small headstones in the cemetery. Still healing from the death of her twins during birth, Gillian absorbs another emotional blow when she finds a love letter addressed to her husband Marc, a pastor and counselor. But before Gillian can confront him, a gunshot shatters her already fragile world. Gillian’s family is forced to leave Chicago to escape the eye of the media. Together they seek refuge in Whistler’s Point, a historic lighthouse on Lake Superior near the tiny town of Newberry, Michigan. But they are not the only new arrivals looking for a place to lay low. Haydon Owens, an amateur magician and accomplished killer, has also come to Newberry hoping to start a new life, but he isn’t there long before he spots another potential victim.

Book Takeaway:

I probe several spiritual themes in the story that will hopefully get readers thinking. Mainly I probe the themes of secrets and deception (or "illusions" as my title suggests). As believers, how do we lie to ourselves and to others? Should married couples ever keep secrets from each other? What can happen if they do? I also encourage readers to think about how they would protect their families if they faced the same type of evil my main characters must confront. I also explore the Internet and the danger of online predators.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to write an enjoyable, fast-paced, and suspenseful tale about average believers caught up in extraordinary events. At the same time, I wanted to challenge readers in their faith. Hopefully, I achieved both objectives. If readers walk away only entertained, then I don't personally believe that I've done my job. Years ago, I read "This Present Darkness" by Frank Peretti and saw that Christian novels can be both entertaining and faith-challenging.


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