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What's Up, Cody

By Brenda OBannion


Life in Grayson’s pasture is tough for a little cowbird named Cody. Pop wants to teach him new things – scary things. His best friend Wally means well but is forever getting him in trouble. Now, there’s a newcomer in the pasture – a bully who’s picking on Cody.
Will Cody ever feel safe in his pasture? Sharing his secret might help – or it could bring more trouble. When a dangerous threat sweeps the pasture, will Cody flee or face his fears?

Book Takeaway:

Having the courage to overcome fears and how to be a good friend.

Why the author wrote this book:

As an educator of many years, I'm concerned about the rise of bullying among our children. Living on a farm, I watched cowbirds (African Cattle Egrets) with our own cows. I was intrigued by the variety of things they did in our pasture and how there always seemed to be a bully cowbird. Thus, came about Cody who is scared of everything, especially the newcomer to the pasture who is bullying him. This is a story of a young cowbird who learns to overcome his fears and how to be a true friend to all. My hope is that children will learn from this book how to face their fears, how to be a good friend, and how to find a sensible way to deal with bullies.


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