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Prairie Rose

By Rachel C. Morris


“Prairie Rose” tells how Anne Whitmore, a young socialite from Boston, ends up being forced to ride in a rough, dirty covered wagon across the dusty prairie. She is entrusted with the care and survival of her grandmother’s favorite rose — the last remnant of her former home. Through many discouragements and disasters, she experiences God’s protection and care. Eventually, she finds her home and the love of the man God has for her.

Book Takeaway:

It is my hope that readers will find a deeper relationship with God, especially in times of trouble and disappointment.

Why the author wrote this book:

I am intrigued by the culture and fashions of the 1840s, as well as the difficulties incurred for those wanting to start a new life in the West. I wanted to show that faith in God is enough for each reader, no matter the circumstances.


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