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Chasing the White Lion

By James R. Hannibal


Young CIA officer Talia Inger has reconciled with the man who assassinated her father, but that doesn't mean she wants him hovering over her every move and unearthing the painful past she's trying to put behind her. Still, she'll need him--and the help of his star grifter, Valkyrie--if she hopes to infiltrate the Jungle, the first ever crowdsourced crime syndicate, to rescue a group of kidnapped refugee children.

But as Talia and her elite team of thieves con their way into the heart of the Jungle, inching ever closer to syndicate boss the White Lion, she'll run right up against the ragged edge of her family's dark past. In this game of cat and mouse, it's win . . . or die. And in times like that, it's always good to have someone watching your back.

Book Takeaway:

Primary: No one is righteous without Christ, and no one—not even a grifter who has lived a life of crime—is beyond His saving hand.

Secondary: Real heroes are those who give hope and dignity to impoverished children through a simple act like sponsoring a child.

Why the author wrote this book:

In Chasing the White Lion I wanted to highlight the important work of Compassion International, bringing dignity, hope, and identity to impoverished children. Without each of these, the children in impoverished areas and especially in refugee camps are prime targets for human traffickers. I also wanted to dig into the concept of a networked crime in the age of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing, fueled by the impersonal conditioning of social media interaction.


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