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By Jacques R. Pye


The Alliance Chronicles continues with the third installment, Redemption, which begins just after Deception closes. On Kirill, Galen and his resistance fighters have subdued the forces loyal to the Empire, but Admiral Mu Pegasi must decide if he will help or harm the new government in its time of greatest need. On Alesandra, Janbok Sandal guides the Council as it wrestles with using the qi vortex and with the return of the off-worlders. From ancient Egypt, another Nephilim rises who seeks the qi vortex and sends a terror from the stars that could kill all of the people of Alesandra in order to gain it. Sterling and Armena face death as they struggle to help the Alesandrans and the Kirilleans combat a force seeking the destruction of both worlds. Behind it all, there is One who guides them for His purposes.

Follow the continuing story of the people and worlds you have come to love in Redemption, the exciting sequel to Deception, and the conclusion of The Alliance Chronicles.

Book Takeaway:

Redemption after deception comes in many forms.

Why the author wrote this book:

This is the third book in The Alliance Chronicles series.


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