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Summer Love's Beachcomber Bounty

By Christina Lorenzen, Cindy M. Amos, Gail Gaymer Martin, Trish Perry, Martha Rogers


Ocean’s Edge by Cindy M. Amos
Trapped in the uninspiring Midwest, Wynn Yardley makes a request to touch the ocean at the local Dreams Come True event, but arrives after the funding runs out. Sensitive to fulfill the family’s mission, director Teague Montgomery offers her a beachfront condo that alters his meager vacation plan. After arriving at the beach, two tender hearts forge an unexpected bond.

Silvershell Beach Inn by Christina Lorenzen
Escaping a broken engagement, Jacy Penna flees New York City to her grandmother’s house at Silvershell Beach, not knowing it’s been sold to Zach Silva—who once filled her summer with dreamy romance as a teen. Like shifting sands, Jacy discovers nothing stays the same, yet love has the chance to endure. Leave it to the ocean’s vast horizon to clarify matters of the heart.

Love in the Air by Gail Gaymer Martin
Adventure-chasing Allysa Grant wants all the thrills life has to offer, so when she meets Cade Murphy on horseback along a red rocks trail, she asks for riding lessons. Will horses simply be her next adventure, or does Cade have something more to offer? His twin daughters represent a double barrier to her free-wheeling lifestyle, or could they be a double blessing in disguise?

Beach Dreams by Trish Perry
When Tiffany LeBoeuf reserves a beach house for a much-needed retreat, an accidental double-booking adds the complication of a roommate, Eve. In a surprise move, Eve’s boyfriend Jeremy Beckett rents the house next door, where secrets unravel right on the beachfront for a romantic remix. Tiffany leans on her faith and a touch of humor to find the right path in the sand.

Summer’s Surprise by Martha Rogers
Trying to capture the spirit of the original Route 66, photojournalist Summer Patterson develops car trouble somewhere along the west Texas Panhandle. Ex-rodeo champion Cody Harper steps in as hero, get Summer settled at his grandma’s house, and takes his sweet time with the repair work. Small-town charm wins her heart, so how can she return to Dallas and leave Cody behind?

Book Takeaway:

Sweet clean summer romances at the shore


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