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Quest of Fire: The Gathering Dark

By Brett Armstrong


Jason is an expert at running from his past. But when it catches up, he finds himself hiding in a peculiar inn listening to a tale from centuries past.

The story is Anargen's, a teen who is pulled from all he loves to follow his oaths of loyalty to the fabled King of the Realms. Together with his mentor, Cinaed, he rides north on a special quest to mediate peace talks between ancient foes—the men of Ecthelowall and the dwarfs of Ordumair. Nothing goes as planned. Many on both sides of the dispute despise Anargen's Order. Worse, an arcane evil has returned to the North. This "Grey Scourge" seeks to ruin the peace talks and ensure a lost treasure held by the dwarfs is never found by those for whom it is meant.

As Anargen's story unfolds, Jason begins to wonder whether it is truly just a fable. He soon finds himself drawn into the conflict Anargen faced. A battle which has shaped and can destroy his world.

Book Takeaway:

There are monstrous forces out there that much of the world is blind to and power behind faith in Christ believed equally mythic by those outside the faith. Regardless of whether others believe or respect your beliefs, run the race of faith. Don't stop.


Year Title Description
2020 Selah Award 2nd Place - Speculative Fiction

Why the author wrote this book:

In western society, faith in Christ is increasingly regarded as misguided. Believing a myth which should not shape one's views or actions. Telling stories where the protagonists cling to faith at any cost is important. We are shaped by what we read and my hope is that in addition to a gripping, immersive story, the book might influence a believer, particularly a young one, to not give up on or compromise his/her faith in Christ.


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