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Bitter Pill

By Richard L. Mabry, MD


“Brother” Bob Bannister is content with his life and his itinerant healing ministry, until one night he finds that the woman who walks off the stage under her own power isn’t one of his shills. At that point, doubts begin to intrude on his previously untroubled existence.
Dr. Abby Davis is tired of her family practice and at odds with God. Dealing with critically ill and dying patients has crushed her spirit to the point she’s ready to quit. But she soon realizes that there’s more to healing than ministering to the physical body.
Scott Anderson was the oldest graduate of his seminary class. Then again, most of them hadn’t turned away from a medical practice, hoping to atone for past mistakes (including his wife’s death) by ministering to men’s souls. Now he hopes he hasn’t made a colossal mistake in switching careers.

Each of these individuals becomes linked to the other, and each finds that God has a purpose for them—but, as it often does, the lesson comes with discomfort.

Book Takeaway:

In life, God doesn't guarantee us a life of ease--matter of fact, we may need to swallow a bitter pill--but in the end, following Him is the best course.

Why the author wrote this book:

This book has lived and grown in my mind (and my computer) since the tag line won a contest held by the woman who eventually became my agent. It shows how three lives can be changed while becoming intertwined, each learning that God is in control if we'll let Him be.


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