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Liza's Second Chance

By Molly Jebber


The sweet welcome of straight-from-the-oven sugar cookies and hot cocoa. The warm invitation of apple pie and fresh cold milk. In 1912 Ohio, the Amish Charm Bakery is the heart of a close-knit, faith-nourished community, where people can find a refuge, a place to start again—and love that can make their lives new . . .

For Liza Schrock, the bakery her late husband bought was an unexpected haven from their unhappy arranged marriage. Now she's perfectly content to cook up mouth-watering delights for her hometown, give to those alone or in trouble—and remain happily unwed. And though she's willing to give handsome, newly-arrived widower Jacob Graber all the help he desperately needs, she is sure they can stay just friends . . .

But as Liza also tries to aid Jacob's troubled teenage daughter, she starts caring far too much for his gentle ways and steadfast hopes. And when a wrenching secret she must keep comes between them, can Liza find the faith to risk opening her heart again—and reach for one more chance at real love?

Book Takeaway:

God never leaves or forsakes us. Liza believes this, and she stands by her friends, a rebellious girl who almost gets her killed, and her family. She opens her heart to another child who is hurting, and she doesn't give up when her circumstances look to difficult to overcome.

Why the author wrote this book:

Liza struggled with her arranged marriage, but she remained true to her faith in God and Amish life. She found refuge in her bakery, and then her heart overruled her mind when it came to falling in love with Jacob and helping his rebellious daughter and the danger this girl brings to her life.


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