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Not Too Far Gone

By Danyelle Scroggins


Jacqueline is excited about her students and the new home her husband Raphiel has just built her. Nevertheless she’s learning quickly that a house is not a home when your husband leaves you there alone and she's finding out her students have just as many problems as she does. Just as with anything else that has happened in her life, she understands that life circumstances are NOT TOO FAR GONE, for a God who is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all she could ask or think….but according to the power that works in her.
The question is.....Can this power sustain her when she finds out who her husband really is?
Yolanda, Jacqueline's co-worker and friend, has been caught in a web she’s created not by herself but with the help of the one she calls her Mr. Do Her Right. Now she has to face her own demons, and pray that she’s NOT TOO FAR GONE to receive the change she stands in need of…
Not Too Far Gone is a book that causes us to understand that no matter how bad our situations are or how immoral our behavior becomes, we are certainly Not Too Far Gone for God to change our life and our circumstances.

Book Takeaway:

Learning to grab the hand of those who are reaching out to help is important in the Christian journey.

Why the author wrote this book:

This book was written when I worked at a local high school and wanted to show the world that teachers and their students experience life at the same time. As a teacher, you must understand that teenagers go through and as a student, you must remember that teachers are humans as well.


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