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Evonta's Revenge

By Danyelle Scroggins


Evonta Jacobs is moving by her own will, and she's stopping at nothing to get those responsible for her twin brothers death. Unknown to those who see her as an unmerciful killer, she believes in an all-powerful God who she has decided needs her help. Her assistance is freeing the world from the likes of those who do not care about anything except power and money.
After a trip back to a small town close to where she was raised, Evonta unravels the mystery surrounding Evan's death. Full of turns, curves, and twist no one ever expected, Evonta puts every piece in its perspective place with the help of Matthew Bogan, a hot undercover agent who absolutely adores Evonta.

Book Takeaway:

Learning how to use self-control in all situations as you recognize that the need for vengeance is never greater than the power of LOVE.

Why the author wrote this book:

The book was birth in a dream, but the Lord was dealing with my very own personality and my desire to confront every conflict and vindicate myself.


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