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Trusting Again in Summit County

By Katherine Karrol


Rachel Stevens has everything she needs in life: good friends, a job she loves, a man who doesn’t ask anything of her, and a box full of secrets in her closet. She has no use for romance – she’s been burned by that flame before and won’t let it happen again.

Derek Cooper has nothing he wants in life: he hates his job at the family company, hates living in his small hometown, and hates having to see the love of his life with her new boyfriend everywhere he goes.

While Rachel works to maintain a controlled, if unsatisfying, existence that includes a hidden life, Derek makes plans to leave town and start a new life with a new job. God thwarts both of their plans and gives them a new opportunity to learn about forgiveness, trust, and taking chances.

Book Takeaway:

There are consequences to not listening to another person's side of a story and there is beauty in forgiveness and extending grace.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to write a sweet story about two good people who broke up over a misunderstanding and found their way back to each other and re-started their dreams for a future together.


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