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Second Chance in Summit County

By Katherine Karrol


They had both declared themselves done with romance and love. God, however, had other plans.

Her: “My marriage, career, and reputation just crashed around me and eliminated the little trust I had left in myself to make good decisions. I packed my bags, shook the dust off my feet, and started driving, begging God to tell me where to go. He brought me to a tiny, charming Northern Michigan town, where I’m recreating my life from scratch – without men.”

Him: “My whole world turned upside down when I lost the love of my life and had to start over as a single father. I am now both mother and father to my little girl and have built my life around taking care of her; and protecting my heart from ever being hurt like that again. Love is not a part of my life anymore.”

God: “We’ll see about that.”

Can two people who have sworn off love stop fighting their attraction long enough to see that God is doing something? Can they trust Him enough to risk giving happiness another try?

Book Takeaway:

We can trust God to be our companion along the painful road of life and can trust Him to lead us to new things even after we've been hurt or made bad choices.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to write a sweet, simple story about starting over and relying on God to make a way. When we're hurt by others or by circumstances, we often want to hide from the possibility of that pain in the future, but we also hide from the possibility of happiness and freedom.


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