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Calliope's Kiss

By Linda P. Kozar


Calliope Ducharme is as breathtaking as the beautiful women in the portraits she paints. The young woman moves back to post WWII New Orleans shortly before her 21stbirthday to claim her inheritance and pursue studies in Paris. But her aunt dies suddenly, and her remaining guardian, Uncle Bernard delays the proceedings. Frustrated, she hires childhood acquaintance Louis Russo, now a handsome, ambitious attorney to represent her. Together they fight to win her estate and, in the process, unmask dreadful secrets about her uncle, who is poised to ascend to the throne as King of Carnival. Though she resists falling in love with Louis, Calliope’s heart begins to soften. Fragmented memories awaken in Calliope when she moves back into her childhood home, memories that flood her canvases, but she cannot make sense of. And her faith, long-buried with the loss of her beloved parents, springs to life again. But time is running out for Calliope as sinister forces conspire to destroy her reputation and her very life. Will she lose the man she dares to love?

Book Takeaway:

Though flawed, we are all valuable to God and He will never give up on us.

Why the author wrote this book:

I was born and raised in the Crescent City and I wanted to share my native knowledge of New Orleans as well as snippets of family history and experiences-from pirogue trips through the swamps to dinners at Antoine's.


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