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Return of the Song

By Phyllis Clark Nichols


Caroline Carlyle's hopes and dreams were crushed when her fiancé died six weeks before their wedding. For years, she wrestled with aching loss and shattered faith, struggling to find the inspiration that once came so easily. Abandoning her half-finished piano compositions, Caroline traded her old ambitions for the comfort and familiarity of life as the town's piano teacher.

But Caroline's life turns upside-down when a mysterious stranger enters her life, bringing courage and fresh purpose. Inspired by her new acquaintance, Caroline embarks on a quest to track down the beloved rare piano she played as a child. Her search leads her to Rockwater, the Kentucky estate of a wealthy gentleman, where Caroline finds her heart may be composing a new song.

Book Takeaway:

When you can't hear the "music," walk with people who can, dance to their rhythms and keep moving forward. The gift of faith can be restored. That's what God wants for us.

Why the author wrote this book:

I've seen people's faith crumble with life's circumstances. I use the metaphor of music in this book to tell a story of one for whom the "music" goes silent. But staying close to people who can hear the "music" and who are people of faith can help bring back the music and one's faith. Caroline's story illustrates this.


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