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The Bubble Who Would Not POP!

By Shelly Roark


The Bubble Who Would Not POP! shares the adventure of a determined bubble on a mission. Billy Bubble must get the green-eyed girl’s prayer to heaven! It’s not easy for a bubble to keep it together . . . will he see God before he pops? Join Billy on his surprising journey as he learns some life-changing lessons about God’s love and the power of prayer.

Book Takeaway:

After joining Billy Bubble on his adventure, I hope children know that God always, always, ALWAYS hears their prayers. That he loves them. And that he will work their challenge out for the best.


Year Title Description
2018 IBPA Gold Medal, The Bill Fisher Award Best First Book (Children's/Young Adult)
2018 IBPA Silver Medal, Cover Design Children's/Young Adult
2018 NCCWC First Place Winner Children's/YA Book
2018 Illumination Awards Silver Medal Children's Picture Book

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this book about a determined little bubble to share with young children some important principles about the power of prayer in an engaging and memorable way.


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