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Murderous Heart

By Lynne Waite Chapman


Freelance writer, Lauren Halloren pens popular magazine articles extoling the comfort and security of small town America. And Evelynton, Indiana treasures its wholesome small town values. Ask anyone. Streets are safe to walk. People look out for one another. Marriage vows are treasured. Murders are solved.

In this third volume of the Evelynton Murder series, Lauren, along with friends, Clair and Anita stumble over another body. The partially mummified remains turn out to be an Evelynton resident. But how, in this close knit community, could a woman be deceased for over six months without being missed?

Book Takeaway:

Loving others, even those who are different, is important. We sometimes have to step out of our comfort zone to care for others.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this book for entertainment. The reader can attempt to solve the mystery, laugh along the way, and feel good at the end.


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