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Stepping Into the Light (Within the Castle Gates Book One)

By Candee Fick


Sometimes the most heroic live in plain sight.

Tragedy stalks Gunn Castle, most recently when the heir to the Gunn chiefdom died, leaving the land vulnerable to attack. But security has come in the promise of a marriage alliance with the Clan Sinclair, the Gunns' powerful northern neighbors.

The search is on to gather the eligible maidens…except mysterious accidents befall all who join the laird’s widow at the castle. Meanwhile, messengers have been spotted along the southern border, and Clan Sinclair may be walking into a trap.

With war looming and a madwoman in their midst, the only hope for a peaceful future may lie in the hands of a disfigured Gunn recluse and the overlooked second son of Clan Sinclair.

If you like medieval romance, the Scottish Highlands, and cheering for the underdog, then you'll love the first installment of this new series from Candee Fick.

Book Takeaway:

Scars can be a badge of honor for those who have survived a battle. And sometimes the most heroic live in plain sight.

Why the author wrote this book:

I've always had a fascination with fairy tales and castles and historical romance, so after honing my writing craft with contemporary stories, I decided to venture into the depths of my imagination with a series of historical novels set around castles and featuring hidden identity elements. Because as Christians, we are all children of The King even if we haven't fully embraced that reality.


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