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Courting Her Prodigal Heart

By Mary Davis


Mother-to-Be’s Amish Homecoming

A Prodigal Daughters story

Pregnant and alone, Dori Bontrager is sure her Amish kin won’t welcome her—or the child she’s carrying—into the community. And she’s determined that her return won’t be permanent. As soon as she finds work, she’ll leave again. But with her childhood friend Eli Hochstetler insisting she and her baby belong here, will Dori’s path lead back to the Englisher world…or into Eli’s arms?

Book Takeaway:

“We should be glad for this thy brother . . . was lost, and is found.” Luke 15:32

Why the author wrote this book:

It is book 3 in my Prodigal Daughter's Amish series


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