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Secrets on the Wind

By Stephanie Grace Whitson


Three courageous women seek a new start in life--and a chance at finding love--on the Nebraska frontier.

LAINA GRAY struggles to recover from a trauma inflicted by unimaginable circumstances... but the soldier longing to help her must first get beyond his own painful past.

CHARLOTTE VALENTINE returns to Fort Robinson desperate for a place of refuge--only to be thrown into the midst of new troubles and an onslaught of unexpected emotions.

JOSEPHINE HALE is forbidden to reveal her interest in the soldier who has captured her heart--because he wears the uniform of the enemy.

Secrets on the Wind
Two soldiers discover a desperate woman hidden in a cellar and take her back to their U.S. Army post at Fort Robinson, Nebraska. Every effort is made to reach out to this strange, silent woman; but after living through her worst nightmare, Laina Gray isn't ready to trust anyone with her secrets€¦not God, and definitely not the handsome solider who tries to befriend her.

Watchers on the Hill
In her earlier years, Charlotte Valentine Bishop was a flirtatious young beauty in search of an army officer to marry. But the passage of years has made her a different woman--one in desperate need of safe haven. Her return to Fort Robinson brings many surprises, including the appearance of two former beaus.

Footprints on the Horizon
A Nazi soldier has come to Fort Robinson as a prisoner of war. When he meets Josephine Hale, the daughter of a local rancher, he falls in love. Can there be any hope of a future together for an American girl and a German POW? Can the unconditional love of God reach beyond enemy lines?


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