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Secrets Plain and Simple

By Elizabeth Ludwig


Life has never been fuller for Cheryl Miller. Since baby Rebecca joined the family, it seems there are fewer hours in a day and more things to do than ever before. But when Cheryl’s youngest sister-in-law, Esther, is caught with drugs, Cheryl knows she must make the time to help. Esther insists the drugs aren’t hers, but refuses to provide further information. Esther’s friend Henry thinks Englisher Zachary Waller is to blame.

Could Henry simply be wrestling with a bad case of jealousy, since he has always had strong feelings for Esther, and Esther’s attraction to Zachary is plain to see? With strange incidents mounting, Cheryl races to get to the bottom of the sudden influx of drugs in their small community before Esther finds herself in real trouble. But can she do it in time?


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