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Emergency Case

By Richard L. Mabry, MD



The relationship between Dr. Kelly Irving and her husband, attorney Jack Harbaugh, has cooled recently, but she figures they’ll muddle through and repair it.

But when she backs down her driveway, her car hits a bump that turns out to be the partially snow-covered body of a man her husband recently represented. Not only that, the gun that killed him belongs to Jack, who seems to be the primary suspect.

As events escalate, Kelly can’t decide if her husband is a murderer or the next victim. Eventually, they put their marital differences aside and find the person masterminding the syndicate behind all this, while trying to keep Jack alive.

Book Takeaway:

Two changes take place in the book--she struggles with strengthening her marriage, and he struggles with staying alive. Both find that God has an answer for them.

Why the author wrote this book:

This novella is the result of the author wondering, "What if a doctor found a body in her driveway...and it's a man her attorney-husband defended just a few days ago?"


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