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Chains of Gwyndorr

By Joan Campbell


Trapped behind Gwyndorr's towering walls, Shara longs to unlock the secrets that surround her. She believes the Cerulean Dusk Dreamer is the key. The power rock gives vivid dreams of the past and future but it also has a dark side.

Its forces lay siege to her future, tightening her chains. In seeking help, Shara rekindles a forbidden friendship with Nicho, the Lowborn lawbreaker facing banishment to the Rif'twine Forest.

Together, Shara and Nicho must thwart the plans of their enemies. But what if the power they unleash is an even greater chain than what they've come to bear?

Book Takeaway:

Every choice we face is a crossroad toward captivity or freedom


Year Title Description
2017 Illumination Award Gold medalist for Young Adult category

Why the author wrote this book:

To entertain and impart truth to my readers. The theme of this book is captivity and that sometimes what we seek to set us free will entrap us even more.


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