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Bayou Blackmail

By Robin Caroll


Another facility's been sabotaged!
And PR representative Sadie Thompson is on the case. When she's assigned to investigate the damage to her employer's oil rigs, she knows it's her chance. Finally, she can prove she's left her "bad girl" past behind her. Yet someone wants the evidence to disappear—and is willing to threaten Sadie and Caleb, her recently paroled half brother, to make it happen. Caleb's parole officer, Jon Garrison, is watching them both closely, waiting for one of them to slip up. He doesn't trust Sadie—can she trust him? She needs Jon's help, and has nowhere else to turn….

Book Takeaway:

No matter our past reputation, we can walk boldly in confidence because of the grace of God

Why the author wrote this book:

To close out the bayou series....wanted to show that even our own past is forgiven through Christ


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