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Sour Lemon and Sweet Tea

By Julane Fisher


Eleven-year-old Lillie Mae Liles plans to play baseball all summer, and why not, since she has a baseball diamond in her front yard and enough brothers and sisters to form a team. But Lillie’s twin sister, bent on following the rules, thinks it is time for Lillie to grow up. As hard times hit Triple Gap, Georgia, Lillie finds herself feeding chickens that peck at her legs, growing vegetables she hates eating, and dodging insults from the richest and snobbiest girl in middle school.

When Lillie spies on her parents and discovers a buried family secret, she turns her habit of spying into serious detective work. Believing that someone is trying to steal the farm, Lillie gets herself in one tangled mess after another. Can she untangle the mess she created in time to save her home?

Rich in Southern humor, Sour Lemon and Sweet Tea is an irresistible journey of self-discovery, overcoming rejection, and the power of forgiveness.

Book Takeaway:

The theme of Sour Lemon and Sweet Tea is "Everyone can make a difference, even a kid like me." Readers will embark on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery, overcoming rejection, and the power of forgiveness.


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2018 Readers’ Favorite® 5-star Review Recipient of Readers’ Favorite® 5-star seal

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to paint of picture for middle school students of what life was like before cell phones and social media, when kids went outside to play and creativity was paramount. But I also wanted to show how life, even then, had its challenges—kids with real concerns and families with real struggles.


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