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Solitary Man

By Eric Landfried


Since a devastating war ten years ago, Doyle, a former Navy SEAL, has been prowling the broken remnants of America alone in an armored school bus loaded with weapons until an attack from ruthless, bloodthirsty cannibals leaves Doyle low on gas and in need of a tire, forcing him to stop at the nearest settlement.

Jonathan has been pastoring a small church in the same settlement, but he has bigger dreams of traveling the countryside and preaching the Gospel. Up until now, cannibals have made that dream impossible, but Doyle’s armored transport brings hope that Jonathan’s dream could become a reality.

The two men strike a mutually beneficial bargain, but neither realizes that on this journey, as they battle cannibals, militant atheists and a mysterious, superpowered Army general, Jonathan’s faith and Doyle’s skepticism will meet in a collision that forever changes them in ways they never imagined.

Solitary Man is a gritty, action-packed post-apocalyptic story with a solid, Biblical worldview.


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