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Marrying Chrissy

By Melanie D. Snitker


From fake relationship to forever love

Wyatt Tabor is feeling the pressure. His wealthy parents won’t support him unless he settles down and commits to the family business, while his ever-patient, loving grandmother longs to see him fall in love and be happy. After a broken engagement, he’s not sure he’s ready to trust someone else with his heart. With Gran’s 90th birthday party coming up, he cooks up a scheme that he hopes will appease his family and give her a drama-free celebration.

Serving up coffee was never Chrissy’s idea of a dream job, but she’ll do whatever it takes to help her sister afford the medication she needs. When a handsome, smooth-talking customer offers to pay her to pose as his girlfriend, she can’t help but say yes. After all, it’s only for one night. What could go wrong?

Wyatt and Chrissy soon realize their feelings for each other are anything but pretend. When family dramas and class differences pull them apart, they must decide whether to walk away, or take a leap of faith and risk everything for love.


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