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As We Forgive Those

By Pamela Harstad


Ava Fraser’s life is stripped away. As a business manager, she hopes to rise up and create a better future, but fears and her past plague her.

A widower, tragedy is no stranger to cruise line owner Tony Andrews, as he continues a search for someone close to his heart.

From Venice, Italy to the Florida coast, Tony and Ava are drawn together through serving others affected from human trafficking and those abused in the crisis centers he founded. But Ava must decide if she can give up the secure life she has rebuilt, or risk it to follow another path, as traumatic crises affect their lives and threaten their relationship.

Will Tony be able to change his path and take the next steps in his life as he hopes? Can Ava find it in her heart to forgive the past and move on in life?

Book Takeaway:

Growth through difficulties can lead to forgiveness and the freedom it affords for all of us.

Why the author wrote this book:

The universal themes of hurt, healing, hope, and forgiveness touch all of us.
But the book also touches on difficult themes, including abuse and human trafficking which we need to address. Emotion, love, hope and forgiveness abound.


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