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Hangdog - Shoulder to Shoulder

By Tylie Eaves


Hangdog – Shoulder to Shoulder is the first of three books in the Hangdog series. The second book, Hangdog II – Rebirth, is set for release October 2018.

Beau and Eli McKnight are brothers, identical twins who have lived an idyllic existence for eighteen years. But, when careless choices turn a right of passage into an unspeakable tragedy, everything changes in an instant. The entire McKnight family ends up in the fight of their lives. Battling anger, bitterness, fear, guilt, shame and uncertainty, they must strike back against pain, doubt and evil, lean into God’s grace and trust that miracles are real, forgiveness is free, and healing — inside and out — is an inevitable byproduct of faith.

Why the author wrote this book:

I knew definitively that I was called to write Christian fiction in 2014 (though my husband swears it was well before then). At the time, I told a handful of people I was going for it, but save for an outline of the story, and maybe two chapters of bad writing, that’s as far as it went for month, after month, after month.

At the beginning of this year, I found myself struggling with a rut — well, a chasm. I kept praying, “What’s next? What am I missing? What am I not doing?”

Each time I asked, I got the same answer, “You already know.” Finally, my lighting fast mind decided it was time to do things God’s way, so I faced my fears and finished my first Christian fiction novel.

Yes, I’m still running a marketing company — that’s definitely not going to change. But now, I’m also doing something beyond myself. I’ve now given in to a new why.


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