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Life in a Casket

By Preston Shires


In 1857, there are few settlements on the frontier more dynamic and dangerous than a riverboat community along the Missouri, where honest pioneers and shady hucksters compete to shape and define a township. Into this world comes the well-educated and opinionated Miss Adeline Furlough, full of spunk and repartee, who thinks she can rid Brownville, Nebraska, of its villains, and stand shoulder to shoulder with its founding fathers. However, when Miss Furlough, or 'Addy' as she's called by friends, sets out to expose a criminal, she soon finds out it's hard to distinguish between a good pioneer and a bad one, especially when both her suspects prove to be handsome and in possession of a certain charm. In this cozy mystery, brawls, sermons, dancing, gunfire, and all sorts of awkward moments combine to make Addy's investigation not only exciting and amusing, but also life-threatening.

Book Takeaway:

Take on a challenge, do your best to overcome it, but be ready to hand things over to God if the challenge overcomes you.

Why the author wrote this book:

Women of the Victorian era, inspired by biblical principles, were more often than not promoters of the gender sphere construct, a means through which they secured certain inalienable rights, especially the right and duty to reform society. It's no wonder this era, full of good intentions and optimism, was named after a woman. In this novel, I wanted to bring out the true value of the American woman of the 1850s in a fun and entertaining story. I believe Life in a Casket hits the mark.


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