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Tapestry of Lies

By Tracy Popolizio


World War II - Germany. Twelve-year-old Lisi Hertz longs for a purpose. She understands enough about the sacrifices of her three brothers as they fight for the Nazi army. When eastern refugees invade her small town, Lisi wonders if she’s finally found her purpose. However, it comes at a cost. As the war nears its end, Lisi questions, is she the only one deeply disturbed by the reality of Hitler’s leadership? Only one thing can help her understand God’s unwavering love for her, and it comes from the most unexpected place.

Why the author wrote this book:

The main character, Lisi, is based on the childhood life of a real woman named Elisabeth who grew up in Nazi Germany. Elisabeth developed dementia a few years ago. Since then, she began retelling stories to her family about events that happened to her when she was a child-stories her husband had never heard before. He didn't want these memories to be lost, and as a result, Tapestry of Lies was born.


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